December 22, 2009


100 Adsense Tips - Part 5

This is the last part of the 100 Adsense Tips series and if you haven't read the previous parts yet, just visit 100 Adsense Tips part 1, 2, 3, and 4. Anyway, thanks for unknown person who make this awesome tips. If anybody got information about this tips, just contact me so I can give a backlink to the writer.

81. Watch your statistics and pay attention to articles that bring in visitors.

82. Write more articles within the subject that attract visitors.

83. Web-savvy visitors are less inclined to click on ads.

84. Have patience. You need time to build the traffic, and to optimize it.

85. Think long-term. Analyze what your visitors need, provide value and good experience to visitors.

86. Consider buying websites. If you do it right, you can get back your investment in a relatively short time.

87. Watch your AdSense earning. Notify AdSense Team if you find anything suspicious. Your competitors might try to sabotage your account, or your well-meaning friend keeps on clicking on the ads thinking they are helping you.

88. Use Google AdSense section targeting to help AdSense deliver more relevant ads.

89. Use AdSense Alternate Ads in case if AdSense can’t find any relevant ads.

90. Use rotating color ads. It keeps your visitors from getting AdSense blind.

91. Try other contextual advertising networks too. Yahoo Publisher Network is still in beta and only available in U.S., or you can try Clicksor, Bidvertising, etc. Just make sure you don’t put them on the same page with the AdSense.

92. You can put your clickbank, amazon, or other affiliate links on the same page with AdSense. You can also put other advertising network, so long as it is not contextual ads. Try Chitika, and disable the contextual ads option.

93. If you don’t follow the Terms and Conditions, your AdSense account will be disabled and you’ll get banned for life.

94. If you didn’t do anything wrong and your AdSense account is disabled: write them a polite and professional email, be patient and be persistent. Offer them your server logs to prove your innocence.

95. Spread the links to your website: put it on your email signature, put comment on blogs, and participate in your niche forums.

96. Promote your articles in social bookmarking sites:, digg, reddit is good start.

97. Provide "Email a Friend" option to visitors.

98. Familiarize yourself with AdSense earning report. It can help you determine where your money is from, and optimize accordingly.

99. Offer newsletters for visitors. It give you chance to get the visitors back regularly.

100. On AdSense support page, you can find almost every information you need about AdSense.

Finally, 100 tips have been published on this blog and it means I can start creating new posts again. Thanks for everyone who help me running this blog.

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