December 18, 2008

How To Earn Money From Google Adsense

OK, so whoever don't know about this topic, I'll explain what Google AdSense is. Adsense is a program that allows us to place an ad in you website or blog. The ads is from Google and if the ads is very often visit by other peoples that visit you site or blog(of course), Google will pay you for the space for ads. The most peoples visit the ads, the most you paid .OK, enough talk. Let's start!

1. You must have a gmail account first, if you don't have just go to and signup. Then comeback here.

2. After signup for gmail you must have website or blog to place the ads. If you have a website just go to the next step. If you don't have money to make a website, just make a blog from . It quiet nice, easy to customize and edit. Just go to and use your Gmail account to sign up, like me. You must make your blog as interesting as possible to make many peoples visit your blog. And you must make them visit your ads. It's pretty though, but if you keep updating your blog with high quality content it's pretty nice. You can store your blog with your diaries or experience, even a magic trick!!If you done with the Gmail account and the blog, then we will go to the final step.Ready?

3. Go to or type "adsense" in google search engine, then follow the instruction. Fill the field with your real identity, or if you are under 18 you can make it with your parents identity. Of course with their permission!!If you done with your adsense, then start promoting your blog or website to your friends, your relative, your family, your parents/children friends, even a STRANGERS. If your mom tell you to not talk with strangers, just screw it as the strangers is not a bad person.Hehehe!!OK, have a nice blog and a nice money from Adsense. I hope your succed can be my succed too.

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  1. Nice blog post on make money online. Well I am confused that I am not getting much CPC from adsense. Can you explain the reason?

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  2. to moonheart : The key is 2, traffic and ads placement. How much traffic do you have a day? In my research, 1 0f 100 visitor will clicks your ads.

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  6. yes this is what people have to take to earn some thing on line. as they say "no food for a lazy man" please take online business as real business.

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  7. very good advice, this advice is suitable for beginners

  8. Excellent article. It was helpful and informative!!

  9. I like the simplicity of the post. Adsense as with anything, does take time. It is not overnight. Visit me at

  10. Great info... Thanks a lot. this will help those newbies..

  11. I like your blog, great layout and information. Do you want to exchange links?

  12. very informative blog for beginners !

    one must have print out of this article to follow.

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  13. All my blogs are hosted in Blogger too. While not really for generating Adsense income, I do enjoy seeing a click that generates more than a dollar. Really hate to see those one-cent per click.

  14. Are you sure, that Blogger still can to signup google adsense ?? Because I did not approval adsense with

  15. @Admin (DAN) : Thank you for the comment!

    @Patrick : I hope this post is helpful as your comment!

    @Serobe : Yes, you must work hard to play hard.

    @scheng1 : Yes, it's called high-paying keywords.

    @Blogger Indonesia Dukung Internet Aman, Sehat & Manfaat : I don't really know, it's hard to get approved with Blogger, you can use many alternatives, such as Docstoc and Xomba.

  16. Thanks for your sharing ... I want to try it again

  17. Oh yeach, do yo know ... what the topic that can make me get more money from google adsense ??

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  19. Good Information,

    starting a blog is not a problem , but to get good traffic is the problem ,

  20. yeah! blogging can make money but in my case its too slow... anyone can give an advice...

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